Finca La Lina - Colombian Micro Lot

New Farmer Direct Micro Lot!

We purchased this coffee directly from Finca La Lina in Colombia, making this our first direct from farm relationship!

Lina and her brothers grow many varieties of coffee on their family farms in Altagracia, Pereira, Colombia, in the Risaralda region.  Finca La Lina gives 10% of all coffee purchases to Fundacion Colino, which provides medical help to those in need in the region.

Country: Colombia
Region: Risaralda 
Farm: Finca La Lina
Elevation: 1375 MASL
Variety: Castillo, 100% Arabica
Process: Natural
Flavor Notes: Medium bodied coffee that is smooth and balanced with unique sweet earth tones, Berry & Green Apple notes and processed in the whole cherry.
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Customer Reviews

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Jerry Chien
Best coffee of the year 2022

The best coffee I tried this year, I buy coffee beans from different roasters every few weeks. Finca La Lina is my favorite so far, and my friends like it too, will order more to share to my friends!

great beans, perfectly roasted

This was one of the most delicious micro lots from grassroots yet!

Jeff Schumacher

This coffee has been delicious from first to last. Wonderful hints of fruit and full flavor. Loved knowing where the coffee is grown and who the growers are.