Espresso Blend

Top Seller! Caramel and chocolate, smooth and creamy. A four bean blend to delight your senses!

Pulls as a great espresso with a nice crema, blends well with milk, pairs great with chocolates.  Or brew it as an everyday coffee for a bold cup!  

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Joni Hughey
Perfect for bragging on 😉

I brag to everybody about the quality aroma and taste of Grassroots coffee. I shared a sample of my beans with a young couple, I am sure they will be enjoying their own order soon ❤️

April Tapp
My FAVORITE coffee!

I loooove the espresso blend. It is rich and dark and perfect. So many blends that claim to be dark roast are more like hot bean water and low on flavor. The Grassroots espresso is yummy and dark and very flavorful. It’s all my family will drink now! We’re spoiled to it!

Danielle Whiteaker
Always awesome !

Y’all are always the best of the best! Forever customer here!!

Keri Merschman
Great dark flavor

This coffee is so good! It is definitely more dark than medium, and dark is my favorite kind. This is what you expect coffee to taste like when you’re a little kid growing up smelling your parents’ coffee. Its rich flavor matches the aroma that comes when it is brewed. This is more dark than Georgia Blues, which is fine with me. They are both very enjoyable.

Louise Wilder
Grassroots Espresso Blend coffee beans

My husband and I love the Espresso Blend from Grassroots. It is dark, rich, and "roasty-toasty" like we like coffee. We always keep it on hand.